- 8/23/2020


Balance Changes

Bug Fixes

Developer Notes

After removing a damage source from Ninjas kit last patch, I felt it necessary to buff his damage: I ended up overshooting on the values and this should bring it back down to a more reasonable level.

Fire Slime has been proving to be too weak at lower levels of play and too strong at higher levels - removing the need to combo for Detonate to do damage will make it a more forgiving slime to play, while also toning down the burst damage when played by someone who can do it consistently.

Wind Slime has been terrorising low skill play - reducing Electroball damage by a small amount should be enough to help.

Earth Slimes empower didn’t feel like a choice due to a power disparity between empowered Seedometry and the other abilities - empowered Bombardment Plant was already situationally useful, so i’ve upped the power of empowered Donald Trump and Rolling Stones to make them more viable choices.