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Wind Slime

The Wind slime uses its high mobility and long range attacks to destroy foes from a distance! Harness lightning and lasers with devastating power to defeat your opponents.


  • Double Jump

    [MOVEMENT] Wind Slime can double jump and glide with the space button. 0s CD.
  • Lightning

    [DELAYED, DAMAGE] Summons a cloud that fires 16 bolts of lightning around it after a delay of 2 seconds. You can store up to 2 charges of Lightning. Each bolt of lightning does 15 damage (reduced for multiple hits). 12s CD.
  • Tesla Coil

    [SKILLSHOT, CC, 2-CAST] Throw out a projectile. For the next 3 seconds, you can throw out another projectile. When both projectiles land, lightning travels between the orbs for 2 seconds, stunning all enemy players that pass through it for 1.75 seconds. 14s CD.
  • Electro Ball

    [HOMING, DAMAGE] Summons an electric ball that homes in on the closest enemy target and lasts 6 seconds. Does 16 damage per second to enemies stood in it. 35s CD.
  • Laser

    [SKILLSHOT, DAMAGE] Fires a laser towards your mouse cursor after a 0.5s delay. Does 20 damage to all targets in the beam. 4s CD.
  • Sparks

    [HOMING, DAMAGE] Spawns 6 sparks over 0.3 seconds that home in on enemies and last 1.5 seconds. Does 4 damage upon impact. Sparks have a turning circle. 12s CD.


You have a lot of projectiles you can use - position them all around your opponent to make it harder for them to dodge.


Fire Slime

Fire slime uses its devastating power to defeat its enemies. Get close and unleash a flurry of blows!


  • Burnout

    [RESOURCE] Casting abilities drains your energy. When your energy reaches 0, you Burn Out, stunning yourself for 3 seconds and restoring your energy to full. 0s CD.
  • Falling Stars

    [MOVEMENT, DAMAGE] Launch yourself upwards a medium distance, then launches 3 projectiles towards your mouse cursor. Each projectile does 10 damage. 10s CD.
  • Meteor

    [MOVEMENT, CC] Launch yourself downwards until you collide with the ground or an enemy slime. Stuns any enemy in an aoe around you for 1.75s and does 5 damage. While you're a meteor, you're invulnerable to damage. 10s CD.
  • Detonate

    [DELAYED, DAMAGE] After a delay of 0.75 seconds, 3 explosions spawn in a line towards your mouse cursor. Does 20 damage. Only one explosion can deal damage to each enemy. 10s CD.
  • Flamethrower

    [CHANNELED] Summons a flamethrower that deals 20 damage per second and drains your Energy. 5s CD.
  • Fire Dash

    [MOVEMENT, DAMAGE] Dashes a short distance towards your mouse cursor. When you reach the end of the dash, you explode around you for 5 damage. Casting a non-Flamethrower ability resets the cooldown on Fire Dash. 10s CD.


Fire is weak at long range - take advantage of your mobility to stay close to your opponents.

Use your Fire Dash to position yourself above opponents for a Meteor! This lets you get easy stuns to follow up with a Detonate.


Water Slime

Water slime overwhelms its opponents with innumerable bubbles! Watch as your water engulfs the entire battlefield.


  • Bubbles

    [DAMAGE] Periodically launch a bubble. Bubbles slowly move across the map towards enemies and deal 15 damage. Bubbles last 10 seconds. 2s CD.
  • Control Water

    [UTILITY] All of your bubbles start moving towards your mouse. 5s CD.
  • Geyser

    [MOVEMENT, SUMMON] Summons a geyser on the floor below your mouse cursor that launches players into the air upon contact. If there is no ground below your mouse cursor, a geyser will not be created. Lasts 4 seconds. 12s CD.
  • Bubblestorm

    [DAMAGE, UTILITY] Pop all of your active bubbles to lock yourself in place for 2.5 seconds, becoming invulnerable for this time, and summoning large amounts of smaller bubbles in a spiral pattern around you. Smaller bubbles deal 8 damage. 50s CD.
  • Water Balloon

    [SKILLSHOT, DAMAGE] Throw a water balloon that explodes on contact with either a player or the ground, dealing 20 damage in an AOE. Is effected by gravity. 3s CD.
  • Bubble Ring

    [MOVEMENT, SUMMON] Summons a Bubble Ring. Jumping through a Bubble Ring will take you (or your allies) to the other Bubble Ring you have on the map. Lasts forever. You can have 2 Bubble Rings at once. The first time this ability is cast, summon a second Bubble Ring at your current location. 15s CD.


Water is weak till you have a large amount of bubbles up - in the early game while you're making your bubbles, try to stay away from confrontation.

Use your Waterspout to get out of tight situations or displace your enemy into approaching bubbles.

Water has low damage output when not near bubbles - try to force your opponents to navigate through them to get to you.


Earth Slime

Earth slime manipulates the battlefield to control its foes! Your enemies will have no choice but to go where you want them.


  • Rampant Growth

    [DAMAGE, SUMMON] When you get hit by an ability that does 10 or more damage, spawn a flower on your location. When an enemy player gets close to the flower, after a brief delay, explode in an AoE for 15 damage. 0s CD.
  • Bombardment Plant

    [DAMAGE, SUMMON] Grows a Bombardment Plant from the floor below your mouse cursor. Lasts 5s and will fire seeds at enemy players every 0.75s, exploding on contact with ground or enemy players for 10 damage. Empower: Teleport to the plant. 15s CD.
  • Donald Trump

    [UTILITY, SUMMON] Summons a wall from the ground below your mouse cursor. If there is no ground below your mouse cursor, a wall won't be created. Has 2 charges, and lasts 5 seconds. Empower: Create 2 walls, one either side of your mouse cursor. 12s CD.
  • Fertilizer

    [UTILITY] Empowers your next ability. 12s CD.
  • Seedometry

    [SKILLSHOT, DAMAGE, 2-CAST] Throw a seed in a straight line towards your cursor. Reactivate this ability to launch out vines at a right angle. Enemies hit take 20 damage. Empower: Fire 3 seeds instead of 1. 2.5s CD.
  • Rolling Stones

    [MOVEMENT, UTILITY, CHANNELED] Become immune and move with increased gravity and speed until you release the keybind or 3 seconds have elapsed. Enemies hit will take 10 damage. Moving alters the direction of the boulder. Empower: Roll faster, stun targets hit for 1 second, and summon up to 6 Rampant Growth. 15s CD.


Earth has a lot of versatility - make sure to not just use your Empower on a single ability, as each of its empowers are good in different scenarios.

You can reactivate your Seedometry to block people off, forcing them to get hit by other abilities such as Bombardment Plant. This also works with your Donald Trump!


Ice Slime

Ice slime throws snowballs!


  • Snowflakes

    [SUMMON] Summon a snowflake on your location. Each Snowflake duplicates casts of your Snowball ability. Snowflakes last 10 seconds. 10s CD.
  • Encase

    [SUMMON, UTILITY] Creates a hollow square of ice at your mouse cursor after a 0.8 second delay. Lasts for 3.5 seconds. 10s CD.
  • Iceform

    [MOVEMENT] Summons a platform of ice below you, allowing you to travel through the air for 3s. Reactivate to destroy the platform. 7s CD.
  • Snowstorm

    [SKILLSHOT, DOT, CC] Summons 4 Blizzards in a line towards your mouse cursor. Blizzards last 7 seconds, slow enemies by 60% and deal 5 dps. 12s CD.
  • Snowball

    [DAMAGE, CC] Throws a snowball towards your mouse cursor. Snowballs do 15 damage (plus 1 for every Snowflake you control) to enemies they hit and slow them by 30% for one second. Each successful Snowball hit spawns a Snowflake at the point of contact. 2s CD.
  • Ice Block

    [UTILITY, CHANNELED] Turn into an invunerable ice block until you release the button, for up to 3 seconds. You cannot move or cast abilities while in this state. 10s CD.


Encasing your opponent allows you to land Snowballs easier, or keep them in a Blizzard. If you can Encase them over a gap, you can make them fall to their death!

You can use Ice Block to pop opposing projectiles without taking damage.

Combining Iceform with an ability that increases your height such as Waters Geyser allows you to travel huge distances with ease!


Shadow Slime

Shadow slime uses its superior mobility to get in close for massive damage!


  • Trickster

    [MOVEMENT] Taking damage grants you a 50% movement speed increase for 1 second. 0s CD.
  • Dark Portal

    [MOVEMENT, 2-CAST] Launch a projectile towards your mouse cursor. When it lands, spawns a portal for 3s. Reactivate to teleport to that portal. Cooldown starts from when you teleport. 6s CD.
  • Walk in Shadows

    [UTILITY] Turn invisible for 3 seconds, spawning a clone of yourself which remains stationary. Casting an ability or taking damage removes the invisibility. 10s CD.
  • Darkring

    [DELAYED, DAMAGE] Summons a ring that grows over time around your character. When it reaches max size, or you press the button again, it locks to its current position and does 20 damage to anyone that passes through the ring. Cooldown starts from when it locks. 13s CD.
  • Claw

    DAMAGE, SKILLSHOT] Claws towards your mouse cursor for 20 damage. 3s CD.
  • Rewind

    [MOVEMENT, UTILITY, HEALING] Returns your position to where it was 4 seconds ago, and heals you for 66% of the damage you took in that time. You are immune to damage during the rewind. 20s CD.


Shadow can't deal damage from range. Use your mobility to get up close and Claw them!

If you get hit while invisible, you lose your invisibility, so be careful to not use it when you're about to be hit!

While you're invisible, your opponent will be trying to predict where you're going and aim spells in that direction - try use mindgames to fake them out and approach from an unexpected angle.

Try to think about where you were 4 seconds ago before using Rewind. It can be useful to heal back up after taking large amounts of damage, but rewinding into Bubbles isn't going to help!

You can teleport while channelling a Darkring - allowing you to position it where your opponents don't expect it!


Mech Slime

Mechanical Slime uses long range rockets to rain destruction from afar!


  • Scrap

    [HEALING] Whenever a Landmine is detonated, it drops a piece of Scrap which you can pick up to heal yourself for 10 hp. 0s CD.
  • Energy Shield

    [UTILITY, SUMMON] While stood inside the shield, all damage you take is redirected to the shield, up to a maximum of 100 damage. 12s CD.
  • Landmine

    [SUMMON, CC] Drops a landmine. Landmines explode on contact, stunning for 2 seconds and dealing 5 damage. 10s CD.
  • Toggle

    [UTILITY] Switch your LMB between Rocket and Shotgun. 10s CD.
  • Rocket / Shotgun

    [DAMAGE, SKILLSHOT] Rocket - Launches a rocket in a straight line, exploding for 20 damage on contact with players / ground. Shotgun - Launch a spread of bullets a short distance. Each bullet deals 3 damage. 3s CD.
  • Flight Mode

    [MOVEMENT, CHANNELED] While holding down the button, allows you to move in any direction unaffected by gravity for up to 3 seconds. You can't travel through one-way platforms in this mode. 10s CD.


You lack mobility compared to other Slimes, so if people are getting aggressive and in your face, defend yourself with Shotgun and Shield!

If you're under no major threat, poke from a distance with Rocket!


Poison Slime

Poison slime deals damage over time - watch your opponents life slowly tick away!


  • Poison

    [DELAYED, DAMAGE] Instead of dealing damage, your abilities apply stacks of Poison. A player affected by poison takes 2 damage per second over 5 seconds for each stack he has. Applying new stacks will refresh the duration. 0s CD.
  • Substitution

    [MOVEMENT] Press once to highlight a glob. Press again to swap places with that glob. 10s CD.
  • Whoosh

    [MOVEMENT, UTILITY, DAMAGE] Dash a fixed distance horizontally left or right over 0.5 seconds. You’re invulnerable while dashing, and any enemies you touch while dashing gain 1 stack of poison. 12s CD.
  • Recombobulate

    [UTILITY] All your active blobs return to you, ignoring terrain. 15s CD.
  • Glob

    [SKILLSHOT, DAMAGE, SELF-DAMAGE, HEALING] Throws a glob which applies poison to anything it passes through and sticks to terrain. Costs 8 hp to cast. If you run over a Glob, you absorb it to gain 8hp. 1.5s CD.
  • The Cloud

    [MOVEMENT, UTILITY, DAMAGE] Turn into a poison cloud, becoming invunerable but unable to cast abilities. Enemies that pass through you in this state gain one stack of poison. You gain 50% increased movement speed while in this state. 15s CD.


If you keep your Poison stacks up on an enemy slime, you can do massive damage!

If you position so your opponents are between you and your Globs, you can do massive damage when you pull them back to you.

Casting Glob too many times leaves you vunerable to dying while you're missing health - play it safe until you've restored some of it!

Use your invulnerabilities to destroy enemy projectiles and traps such as Bubble and Landmine!


Ninja Slime

Ninja Slime sneaks around the battlefield, hiding in the shadows and attacking with surprise!


  • Sneak Attack

    [DAMAGE] Every 6 seconds, spawn a Smoke Cloud on your current location which grants invisibility while you’re inside it. Smoke Clouds last 30 seconds. 5s CD.
  • Back And Forth

    [MOVEMENT] Dash towards your mouse cursor. After 2 seconds, return to the location you started. 10s CD.
  • Flashbang

    [SKILLSHOT, UTILITY, CC] Throw a flashbang which explodes upon contact with the ground or an enemy slime and stuns them for 1 second. Dash away from the location you threw it towards. 10s CD.
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu

    [UTILITY] Summon a clone at each of your Smoke Clouds which will run in a random direction or jump. 15s CD.
  • Shuriken Throw

    [SKILLSHOT, DAMAGE] Throw 3 shurikens a short distance in a line. Each shuriken deals 10 damage. 3s CD.
  • Shift

    [MOVEMENT] While positioned in a smoke cloud, teleport to another selected smoke cloud. 12s CD.


Stay in your clouds as much as possible, shuffling around with RMB to avoid them knowing where you're stood.

Use Flashbang to both create clouds in furthur away locations, or as a burst tool if they unknowingly get too close to the cloud you're in.


Spider Slime

Spider Slime uses its strong mobility and ability to force enemy Slimes closer to it to win out in short-range combat!


  • Shed Skin

    [UTILITY] When you would receive damage that would kill you, instead prevent the damage, exploding a fake copy of yourself, and becoming invisible for 3 seconds. Can only occur once per round. 0s CD.
  • Cocoon

    [UTILITY] Wrap yourself in a cocoon, becoming invulnerable for 1 second. If you would take damage during this time, reset the cooldowns on your other abilities. 15s CD.
  • Web Wrap

    [SKILLSHOT, UTILITY, DAMAGE] Launch a projectile that stuns any target hit for 1.5 seconds and pulls them towards you over 0.5s. Deals 5 damage. 10s CD.
  • Sprawling Webs

    [UTILITY] Throw out a web that slows people on it by 50%. Lasts 5 seconds. 3 charges. 10s CD.
  • Sharp Threads

    [DAMAGE] Fire sharp threads around you, dealing 20 damage in an area. 3s CD.
  • Rappel

    [SKILLSHOT, MOVEMENT] Launch a strand of web that stops upon contact with terrain or webs, pulling you to the impact location. 8s CD.


Web-slowed targets are easier to pull towards you, but you can also pull yourself to the web (or any nearby ground) while mid-spike if you don't trust landing the Web Wrap at a distance.